Need for Speed Carbon

Apparently, later this year will have three new titles Need for Speed. The first is Shift, a whole new generation of consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), which promises to deal with Race Driver: GRID. The other is Nitro, to be released for Nintendo's current console and, finally, we see that only one in the PC, NFS: World Online, but for which little or nothing is known. And if were not enough, it seems that there are already plans to launch games in the series for 2010. Or at least, there are rumors. They say that Criterion Games, Burnout producing, is working on a new Need for Speed that will launch sometime next year. The Electronic Arts, the current distributor of the games Need for Speed, has already expressed, stating: "At the moment we only focused on Need for Speed World Online, SHIFT and Nitro. In addition, Jesse Abney, producer of SHIFT, said last month that the Criterion had an excellent team to work.

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