Paris Hilton

Paris won the world fame after a homemade video in which sex with her then boyfriend, Rick Solomon, leak on the Internet in 2004. "It's the closest thing anyone can do and the whole world was watching and laughing at me. It was not what I wanted for me. I was always inspired by people like Princess Diana, and from that moment I knew could never be like her, "regrets. In the documentary, the patricinha says there is a difference between a woman and she is a character that displays: "The world sees me as a Barbie with a perfect life. Perhaps what people want. There is a mystery because there I I am in public completely different than I am in private life. " Well, the fact remains that little is known about his private life, except for his exuberant celebrations, bold photos, his arrest for driving without portfolio, his afternoon of shopping and properly documented by a homemade video, of course.

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