Ian Van Dahl is a group of Dance

Ian Van Dahl is a group of Dance formed in 2000 by Belgian Christophe Chantziz and Erik Vanspauween with a name of Flemish origin. His first was a Belgian singer Marsha, who wrote the music Castles in the Sky in 2001. However, having recorded the clip of the song was replaced by Annemie Coenen. Annemie progress was who gave the group, alongside producer Peter Luts and David Vervoort. With well-structured letters, she was the main person responsible for the success of the first CD of the group, ACE, which broke up in international, winning the disputadíssimo ranking of Billboard. Continuing to win fans around the world, recording the second CD of the group, Lost and Found in 2003, it was doing to little success even for those who do not like the style Euro-Trance. The songs I Cannot Let You Go, Believe and Inspiration instantly after being thrown contaminated the public world. Note: Ian Van Dahl, unlike what many people think, is the name of a project and not an artist.
Erik As a child he was very attracted by music. Only on your birthday for 18 years that after listening to "New Gold Dream" from Simple Minds, which began to emerge interests and it opened to this new world. Hence forward, Erik began to devote his life to the productions. His first was a synthesizer KORH M1, and now has a studio called ENTANGLEMENT Wire, which has songs like "Castles in the sky." Annemie It all began in 2000 when the producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen have a team with the singer. She was discovered by Stefen Wuyts, of A & S Productions, and Hugo Foets, Kings of International Services. His voice is mixed perfectly with the beats and sounds prepared by the two top-DJs, bringing fans of Dance to madness. However, besides having a wonderful voice, a highly trained singer to get where you are, with several years of classes in music and voice. Christophe The famous DJ producer Christophe Chantzis was born with music in his blood. His father was a DJ, his uncle a famous pianist and his grandmother was an opera singer. He was very influenced by music his father played the Disco Funk and American, and began making its first production at age 12, on a computer. In 1996 he released his first album in 1996, "Jan-XSanto DJ and DJ Glenn - Jumpin 'Muthafuckers" which was a Hit in the style Hardhouse Belgium. In 1997 he started his project Absolom, with its first release, "Secret" and is in top10 of Belgium. He is also part of the project Astroline, along with Peter Luts (part of the Lick), well known here in Brazil for the songs "I Close My Eyes" and "Feel The Fire". Christophe project is part of Dee Dee, another great success here in Brazil, with the songs "Forever" and the new "The One".

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